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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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windshield. >> you may have to sing, baby it's combed out there. >> let mike sing it. >> i would love to hear a duet between you two. dean martin and whoever sings the duet or kechb any rogers. >> yes, there are all sorts -- let's move on. live doppler, you can see it is showing some returns but blue and with this dry air out underneath the radar return, none of it is making to the ground. so let's talk about what is going on. we have a chance for this initial push and another chance that is going to move through the morning hours. just because it's not raining right now, there is still a possibility. big story, frosty conditions inland and look at redwood city, 36 this morning and san jose,
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about 39. temperatures will be stuck in the 40s for most of us today. we may get into the low 50s around the bay. dry roads and light traffic, that is how we like friday morning. coming up with a shot of 80 to berkeley and macarthur maze. a little bit of bunching where they merge by golden gate fields but looking pretty good. greenville, road work, westbound is looking pretty good this morning. eastbound dumbarton road work until 6:00. north 101 on the other side of the bay, to 6:00 between 92 and third avenue. >> eric: in the news, new this morning, two big quakes rattled the southern california coast overnight. both struck at 2:36 this morning. they were seconds apart. 6 pontd 4 and 6.1 but they have
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downgraded them to 6.3 and 4.7. they were centered at least 88 miles southwest of catalina island. there is was no tsunami warning issued and people were shaken out of bed but so far no reports of damage or injury. >> students returning to two cupertino schools after a bomb scare skair will notice extra security. terry? >> additional sheriff's deputies will be here at montevista as well as lincoln elementary. two schools shut down all day yesterday as a result of a bomb scare that came from four and a half miles away all the way over in san jose. take a look at the graffiti. this is from linbrook high school. it talked about a bomb and specific teacher at montevista. that threat led sheriff's
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deputies to shut down montevista and lincoln elementary. there was room by room search and they all turned up nothing, just a hoax but no one was laughing. >> when they go over the edge, columbine -- we've had several, it's not a prank. that is very serious matter when you talk about blowing up people. >> sheriff's office taking it very seriously. it has assigned deputies to the home of the threatened teacher. the person responsible may be facing a felony. school is in session today. additional sheriff's deputies will be out only at montevista and lincoln elementary as well. >> eric: fire investigators hope to get their first look my a gutted machine shop in fremont later today. a fast-moving fire engulfed the plant yesterday afternoon. nobody was hurt but it wiped out
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nearly everything inside. they make components in the high-tech industry. about 60 people work there. they will learn later about the company's plans to reopen another another location. amy hollyfield will have more on the fire in a live report at 5:30. >> san jose police have revealed the identity of a young man who was shot to death earlier this week. 18-year-old john cody sonneberg died on tuesday after being shot inside a pickup. at first it appeared that he had been hurt in accident but paramedics discovered he had been shot when they tried to help him. this morning, oakland police are investigating that city's latest homicide. police found a man shot in the middle of a residential street in east oakland yet. this was the scene from sky7hd. it happened at 83rd avenue and "e" street east of the coliseum.
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they closed off the block for several hours. no word on motive or possible suspects. >> cabinet week is stakes now that susan rice is out of the running as secretary of state. new names are gaining momentum. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom to break it down for us. >> as the high stakes game of musical chairs who will make up president obama's national security team. we know not ambassador susan rice, all signs point to john kerry. he has no comment on that. many republicans say he will breeze through the nomination process but it is likely he will face tough questions about his past support for syrian president. if kerry gets the job, his senate seat becomes available. scott brown may run in the special election. ambassador rice has been embroid l briomd in controversy over the terrorist attacks in benghazi. she told nbc that is why she is
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stepping aside. >> i didn't want to see a confirmation process that was very prolonged, very politicized and very distracting. >> other openings, secretary of defense. kerry's name was floated for the job but chuck hagel who became the critic of the iraq war has the edge. john brennan and mike morale are considered the top contenders. president obama has accepted her decision and meeting with her in private. >> eric: new this morning, a federal court will hear barry bonds will hear his obstruction of justice conviction. they have set oral arguments for february 13th. last year a jury convicted bonds of one felony obstruction count
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for giving an evasive answer when he was asked whether he received drugs that required a syringe. bonds lawyers argue the answer was accurate and was not meant to obstruct justice. >> the city of san francisco is asking to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the nudity ban. four people challenged the law last month. they have filed a motion to get the suit thrown out. he says the suit is without merit. the public nudity ban will take place february 1st and allow it in events like bay to breakers and folsom street fair. >> definitely not that sort of weather. >> you have on to bundle up. >> mike has the forecast. >> it is kind of cold is motivating, you want to dress for the cold, dress in layers this morning and watch out for the possibility of light rain. it's a possibility up in the north bay. we've got blues, usually just
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drizzle and light greens, possibly light rain but right now being undercut by the layer of dry air. i have seen any truth this is reaching the ground. you tweet me at mike nicco and let me know if you seen any in your neighborhood or go to facebook. right now, the radar is picking it up but it's staying in the clouds which is good news. now, when we don't have the clouds and haven't had them for the better part of the morning, east bay, hollister, northern salinas, that is where we have the frost advisory from 2:00 to 8:00. clouds or the way and temperatures are starting to hold steady. 32 at livermore. outlying areas, definitely seeing frost. 36 in redwood city. we have a chance of rain tomorrow. better chance than today. a stray shower possible on sunday and another chance on monday but temperatures will be out of the 40s for the highs and back in the 50s.
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live look at the san mateo bridge, hayward side over to san mateo. you can see the taillights headed westbound. light traffic, brake lights before the high-rise but everything is moving well. no issues there. light traffic south 101 right past freitas and everybody is out of the limit southbound out of novato. four lanes southbound out of waldo and looking pretty good here. no fog and very few cars headed into san francisco. check in bart, caltrain, all mass transit is running on schedule. great way to go this friday morning. road work, reverse commute between mill valley and larkspur paving project is under way until 6:00 this morning. northbound 880 at washington both directions road painting
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until 6:00 this morning. queen elizabeth takes a field trip to see how money is made. the shiny bars that got her special attention. >> holiday shopping help from "7 on your side," michael finney with 25 website that has offer cool gifts. >> speaking of money, this morning's money report. >> people are opening up their wallets on stores and online. retail sales wrote .3%. they were actually up a solid .8%. people are doing a good jock of paying their credit card bills. the rate of borrowers should stay low next year. tech companies pay will and facebook pays interns more than $5,600 a month, about $67,000 a
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year. that is $25,000 more than the average worker takes home.
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good friday morning, here is a live look at downtown san francisco. what you can't see is how cold it is out there.
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downright frosty. coldest temperature mike has is 34 degrees. where is it? think about that. he will tell us in a moment. tell us about the light rain that may start hitting us soon and series of storms coming our way. >> eric: 5:14. >> walgreen's will pay a huge fine to settle a environmental lawsuit. they will pay $16.5 million after prosecutors said they illegally dumped biohazard us on waste into regular trash bins. they also dumped patients' records. all 34 stores were found to be in violation. settlement covers more than half in northern california. >> in vallejo they expect to see more officers out this weekend. they will be conducting special holiday patrols in the shopping centers and downtown area and
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officers will patrol on foot and on bike. their goal to make themselves more visible. if you are like a lot of people you are looking for unique gift ideas. michael finney shows us where to find some at an affordable price. folks at shop smart compiled 25 websites where you can find cool gifts for under $25. >> lindsay is filling a lot of orders to meet the holiday rush. she operates set by toke. she sells one of a kind items like this tablet cover. >> these are under $20, really interesting they are made out of mitsubishi car seats. >> it was made with competence material. everybody everything she sells like $20 recycled glass necklaces or $24 earrings come from manufacture there's are
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fair tried certified. it's one of 25 retail websites featured this n shop smart magazine. >> if you spend $20 they will donate five dollars to the charity of your choice. >> each one featured were pre-screened for their good customer service and privacy policies. that includes all time kennedy candy. -- that includes all time candy. you will find novelty items, like hand cranked march mellow or hotdog roaster. finally if you would rather shop somewhere with more name recognition, they like pier we found endedian grafted candles for $8. >> they have unique things at very low price points. >> don't forget about all your
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mom and pop shops. it's nice to shopping and bundle up. it's so cold. >> make you shop faster. >> absolutely. definitely cold out there. big story so far. good morning. we'll take a look outside from sutro tower. visibility pretty much unlimited right now as we look off towards the east of the just received a tweet from john from santa rosa. you say no rain reaching the ground here but it is definitely cold. just to let you how cold it was up there. that is the power of twitter and facebook and all the social media. we sure appreciate that. live doppler showing some of it falling but evaporating before it reaches the ground. even in san francisco showing radar returns but air is too dry. we have a lot of verga out there and because of the clouds are taking over, we have stopped the
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cooling. we're at the frosty temperatures right now. east bay valleys and could be there until 8:00. that is when they will let the frost advisory go. livermore 32, now it's 34 that is the power of the cloud cover. it stops the cooling. redwood city, 36, now 38. hasn't made it to the south bay but just about there. oakland is 43. san francisco up from 43. around the monterey bay, no clouds here yet. gilroy, frosty and watson vpville, 46. here is what will happen. best chance of rain is closer to the ocean. more chances next week. here is what is happening. first system coming on down. you can see the cloud cover with it. it's a very thin but it's not going last very long.
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there is tonight's weather and tomorrow's weather as you go off to the west, left side of the screen there is another system that will come in for next week. 5:00 in the morning, most of the radar returns, this side of screen. most of the radar returns are staying out over the ocean. that is where our begs chances, as we head towards noon, fast moving system. scattered shower possible during the afternoon hours, by the evening hours, need the heavy coat as temperatures will be dropping back into the 30s and 40s. cloud cover coming in for tomorrow morning, better chance of rain by 11:00. then scattered light rain during the evening hours and scattered light rain for sunday. keep the wet weather gear handy. temperatures will warm up mid to upper 50s by sunday with another chance of rain. >> nice drive if you are traveling northbound 280 out of san jose past highway 17. junction here and on into
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cupertino, servicing at the limit. just a few headlights making it northbound. few more cars coming through and no problems the incline. can't leer section through the tunnel and western span all looking good. dumbarton, road work until 6:00. you can see a little bit of slow traffic on the newark side of things. elsewhere, road work on the peninsula that is going to wrap up at 6:00. northbound 101 between 92 and third. >> 5:21. how one of the most famous pianos could be yours. >> and surprising encounter, the kayakers who got
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12-year-old girl is being hailed as a hero for saving her best friend's mom during a domestic violence fight. >> my friend's mom is teasing her. >> that was skay lar with a emergency dispatcher in concord. she received a local 911 hero award. after her friend was knocked to the ground. she ran to a nearby house to call police. the personal tragedy made her act despite her fear. >> the mom, i'm not going to watch my friend's mom die. >> she gave a great job giving me all the information. she did a really good job. >> the dispatcher who answered the call was also honored. that is great. time for a look at the forecast. yeah, you might encountered
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frost as you head it on the door. >> you need to be ashamed of yourself not to be able to find your scraper. >> one thing i should be ashamed about. it would take a whole show. >> we'll charge you more than a nickel for your therapy. let's move on. good morning everybody. they are going to be 40s where it will be coolest this morning. record cold-high temperatures for this time of the year. most of them come from 1972 and low 40s. system coming down the coast. there will be scattered snow showers in the sierra today and most of rain stays off the coast until it gets down to southern california where we get a few showers. lake tahoe forecast, look at the lows in single digits the neck couple of nights. snow will start saturday night and see a few inches of powder
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to ski on. >> no chain requirements for 50 and 80. that is good news. bay bridge, travel is light at 5:25 in the morning, no metering lights so far. same with golden gate bridge coming southbound, four lanes for your commute. clear sailing off the waldo grade and through the waldo tunnel. road work eastbound 4 closed at levy ridge. westbound is stag to slow out of antioch and we have a problem for san francisco van ness at fell. police are working and the intersection is blocked off. if you are a fan of casablanca, chance to play it again. one of two pianogs will be auctioned off today in new york. it is expected to sell for more than just a song. you russ remember this. they hope to fetch $1.2 million. >> you'll remember this one. a group of kayakers got an
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unexpected encounter with dangerous creatures. check it out. it shows the kayakers getting very close look at a pot of migrating orcas. >> oh, my god! >> they sounded excited. the whales sam right around kayak and under the kayaks, i don't have to imagine that. >> it happened to you. what was it like. >> they were coming at me and they disappeared right in front of me. it makes you a little nervous. a few seconds they emerged way behind me. i was just holding on for dear life. no video. >> flames recipient through a
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business in the east bay. what investigators are saying about the possible cause and the clues they will be looking for this morning. >> new this morning, surprising admission from pg&e about an ♪me and you - a little rendezvous.♪ ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪ ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slow melting chocolate -
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>> kristen: thank you so much for waking up and joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: hour advice is to bundle up. >> kristen: pull the comforter over you. it is cold out there. >> it definitely is because the cold air and very quiet. we haven't had any reports of making it down to the ground.
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this is blues and greens and drizzle to light rain. that is evaporating before it reaches the ground. it is the cloud cover and starting to bring temperatures up just a little bit. you can have a sprinkle from the bay bridge all the way 101 to healdsburg this morning. temperatures mid m i had to upper 30s inland and we're not going very far today. only to near 50 at the coast where we have the best chance of rain, 53 around the bay with limited rain and mainly chilly inland 49 degrees. >> light traffic on the east shore freeway as you make your way richmond and to o through berkeley. a little bit of slowing as you pass the 580 merge. eastbound 580 at greenville, road work, three lanes blocked there. westbound is looking pretty good as you make your way towards the dublin interchange on 580 west. let's take a look at abc waze
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app, van ness at fell. slow traffic on fell street. you might want to navigate around that. waseapp is free and it will help you navigate your commute. thank you very much. new this morning, two earthquakes or possibly one, there is some confusion about this now. hit off the coast of southern california, they struck at 2:36 this morning. originally reported at 6.4 and 6.1. if there are two earthquakes they have been downgraded to 6.3 and 4.7 which they consider light. it was centered 88 miles southwest of catalina island. southern california says they were shaken out of bed but no reports of damage or injuries. >> fire investigators hope to
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get their first look inside a fremont machine shop gutted by a massive fire. amy hollyfield is live at the plant. employees need to know when they will be going back to work again? >> they will not be going inside this building anytime soon. look at the damage behind me. there will be a meeting today where employees will get more information about whether they will be able to start doing business somewhere else and when that will start. take a look at huge fire that started before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. this was boggs avenue in fremont. 60 people were inside but all made it out okay. firefighters fought the fire from the outside. it was just too dangerous to go in. >> early in the fire, it's unsafe to go in until we have daylight and building construction engineers and kind of stabilize for it. >> we have a good insurance
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policy on the company. the business we do for the semi conductor industry. the employees will be covered as far as the loss salary and wages >> they make components that is used in the semi conductor industry. firefighters were concerned about the hazardous materials that could be burning in this fire. they asked everyone in the area to put a shelter in place but it turned out it was fine because chemicals here and no one was hurt in this fire. today, firefighters will try to figure out what started this while the company tries to figure out where they are going to go from here. >> eric: there will be extra security at two south bay schools when they reopen this morning. sheriff's department dechgs will be on hand at the two schools after a bomb threat force forced closure yesterday.
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graffiti scrawled on a wall at a school in san jose claimed there was bomb at montevista but there was no device found. they are making sure the teacher named in the threat remains under protection. in the next half-hour we'll go live to the school. >> that you this morning, pg&e is rushing to inspect more than 1500 pieces of under ground electrical equipment in the bay area for possible safety hazards. they report this comes after required inspections to head off disastrous accidents may not have been performed. pg&e has experienced explosions and fires in under ground vaults in san francisco including one in union square in 2005 that sent a manhole cover into the air and seriously injuring a passerby. they say they have fired the workers who have claimed to inspected equipment when they actually had not. >> the woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby is
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expected to be arraigned today on charges of child cruelty. they found the baby boy lying on a street. the mom was nearby covered in blood. officers performed cpr on the baby while rushing him to san francisco general hospital. doctors say they found traces of cocaine in the newborn's system. >> a sixth suspect accused of shooting the victims. steven read died at hospital hours after he and his girlfriend were found tied up in the middle of the street. they believe they the were brutal home invasion scam. 19-year-old tyler miller is scheduled to be arraigned at one-third. the other suspects are expected in court for that hearing. >> police in the east bay are searching for suspects in a 36 hour crime simply that targeted
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pharmacies. they hit pharmacies in dublin and pleasanton. in each case, the robber handed over a similar note demanding prescription drugs and claiming to be armed. investigators say two or more people were working as a team. >> woman is recovering this morning after falling into the bay at embarcadero in san francisco. it happened last night between the waterfront and ferry building. she was rescued quickly by fire crews. she appeared intoxicated. she was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> eric: good thing she was rescued quickly because the water couldn't have been very warm out there. >> kristen: mike nicco will let us know who has the coldest temperature. >> it bob livermore at 34 but there are other people in that their neighbors where it is cooler. 29 at one point on my drive in according to the thermometer on
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my car. live look at 7 hd, anybody out there on twitter, let me know what is going on in your neighborhood at facebook. i wanted to thank, john dyson he did send in a tweet from santa rosa and said it is cold here. no rain falling yet. a lot is still evaporating. because of the late arrival of the clouds and frost, we'll have frost possible in the east bay and valleys, hollister and also in salinas. clouds are starting to come into all of our neighborhoods around the bay. that is going to lock our temperatures in. livermore is one of those, 32 and 34 now. we're in the 30s to mid 40s through 7:00 with rain possible. taper at noon, an isolated shower with low 50s at 4:00 and
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then clear and chilly 4 n the 40s. better chance of rain for tomorrow and these temperatures will be near 60 by monday. >> take a look at san mateo bridge, no problems up towards the high-rise, over towards foster city, no reports of problems this morning on the san mateo bridge. at bay bridge, no problems but a few cars there backing up heading into san francisco. eastbound dumbarton bridge, about 20 more minutes with one lane getting by. no problem westbound. a look at some of the busier commutes, coming off altamont pass coming over into dublin an pleasanton. east shore freeway 20 minutes
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into the carquinez bridge. >> next, the cyber crooks preparing to funnel money out of your bank account. >> and a new twist in alameda's supervisor nadia lock year sex and drug scandal.
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one of bay area's biggest political scandals of 2012 has taken a major turn. we have learned that former supervisor nadia lock year has allowed a restraining order against her boyfriend expire. lock year resigned from the board after he talked about the drug use and sex tape. she remained in drug rehab so an attorney appeared in court yesterday. >> this may be a good chance this may die here. she will reconsider her options and one of them is continue to pursue this or let matters lie the way they are and move on with their life. >> the i-team also learned the
5:43 am
pending divorce between her and her husband appears to be on hold. he is footing the bill for her rehab. >> wells fargo, citibank, or chase, major banks are planning for a possible cyber attack and it could affect your accounts. santa clara based mcafee is investigating the attack. the plan is funneling money out of bank accounts. they have detected hundreds of computers with sophisticated malware manufactured in russia. >> it will activated and what it does it replicates or clones your pc on serve they are russia. once they clone your pc they try to log into the bank using those credentials. >> they say the plan likely
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involves target people of high net worth but all customers are advised to make sure their anti-virus software is working. >> here is jane king with this morning's business report. >> a source says bloomberg two dozen companies are bidding for all of abrupt hostess brand. it may bad news for jealous spouses, judiciary committee that would make it a crime for companies to make stalking apps by locations of cellphone. if you are looking for a jobs, online ads recruiters rely on social websites to find better offers. >> are you feeling generous this holiday season? answer is more likely to be yes if you are guy.
5:45 am
a new survey 31% of women plan to spend less on holiday gifts. only 19% of men felt that way. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. and royal news, the queen and duke were given a special tour of the bank of england. the royal couple toward vaults piled high with gold bullion worth billions of dollars. they inspected some of the slabs. they also signed a million dollar. it was their eighth visit to the bask of england. >> those bricks are pretty heavy. i hear. i wouldn't know myself. >> it's cold look for the morning hours. it is improving with the cloud cover out there. we'll show you from vollmer peak how clear it is under the cloud deck. we're looking at live doppler 7-hd and picking up radar
5:46 am
returns. we get the lighted blues and sprinkles and even greens and possibly light rain. so far, not hitting any of the reporting stations. the best i could say, maybe sprinkles this morning for your commute. the clouds are starting to keep the temperatures up which is good. we have this chance and see the spinning mass that is actually dissipating as it heads down from crescent city towards us. that is another push that will bring us a chance of stray shower as we headed into the afternoon hours. let's take about temperatures then. 34 in livermore. 35 in napa and santa rosa, 36 in fairfield. 38 in redwood city. 36 in los gatos. most of the temperatures are up from where they were because of the cloud cover. definitely got thick frost around gilroy and frost this morning was thicker than it was yesterday morning. made mid that upper 30s in salinas and 41 in monterey. let's talk about today.
5:47 am
today's rain is best over the ocean so the closer you are to the beaches more likely will you you'll get some of the rain. better chance tomorrow. couple more chances still looking unsettled for next week. here is a look at the cold front how quickly it is moving down towards us, it moves out there. >> is a small window this morning. we have a couple of storm systems riding the jetstream on the way towards us. next systems, coming a little more from the west than they are from the northwest. it means we'll start to modify the air mass. it won't be so cold the next couple of days. 5:00 in the morning, we have a lot of cloud cover out here. as we head towards the latter parts of morning into the afternoon hours, you can see the steady rain gone, just a few showers. we'll see sunshine during the afternoon hours. because of the clear sky tonight another chilly night before the clouds come in around 8:00 this morning. you can see the rain starting to roll in around 11:00 and just scattered light rain through the
5:48 am
afternoon and into the evening hours. it will taper over night through sunday morning and as we head into sunday afternoon, another chance of scattered, light rain. by then temperatures will be jump in the 40s to 50s and mid to upper 50s and 60 by sunday monday with another chance of rain. >> san jose right now, drive takes you northbound 280, past highway 17. 17 coming out of santa cruz mountains, no problems on 17. no problems on 280 just a few headlights going towards the cupertino direction. from novato out of san rafael, lucas valley road, and marin ymca and past the civic center, fog free this morning. no delays to the golden gate bridge. 580, we have three lanes blocked until 9:00 with construction. westbound direction starting to slow. that is normal compute can you tell xhootd 20 minutes from the
5:49 am
altamont. taking a look at waze app, showing san francisco city streets, van ness at fell where they are reporting an accident. >> two police officers in mexico have been arrested for stealing evidence from the site where singer jenni rivera's plane crashed in mexico. the items were found at the officer's homes. last night a car carried kaerg her remains were given a police escorted in the town of long beach. drug enforcement is investigating the company that owns the luxury jet that crashed and killed the pop superstar. starwood management had two planes seized this year. >> a judge has received a public admonishment stemming from comments he made this from the bench about a rape victim.
5:50 am
orange county superior judge got himself a hot water, i'm not a gynecologist, if someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse the body shuts down. he said that whether he sentenced the victim's ex-biov back in 2008. prosecutors wanted a 15 year sentence. >> coming up, bart has your back. meet the people who will be keeping you safer during the holidays. >> thinking about going out for an early morning job? why you might want
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some bart riders took advantage of the effort to keep folks safe. they provided free es court's for people walking to their cars. the escorts gave them an extra sense of security especially since it gets darker this time of year. >> people for the holidays, it's better to be safe than sorry. >> you are on your cellphone and not paying attention, you could become a victim of a crime of opportunity. bart police point out they also walk escorts year round at all station. all you have to do is alaska bart station for help or. >> we have been talking about potential frost on the wind windshield. >> they have to be getting cold. >> hopefully you brought the
5:54 am
plants in and brought pets bring in fresh water in case it freezes. just got a note from christine smith in lake ported, a tweet from her, it's cloudy but no rain. temperatures in the 40s in inland valleys. low 50s and how rain is going in two spurts and chaps of sprinkles this morning. chance of a scattered shower and better chance on sunday. >> a little busier at bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. you can see the fastrak are a whizzing on by. first reports of a stall 680 at south myz blocking the off-ramp in the oakland area. a look at your drive out of antioch is slowing as you make your way towards hillcrest. just about 20 minute drive. new this morning, the senate
5:55 am
is turning its attention to a $60 billion disaster aid package for super storm sandy victims. they will debate the bill on monday but republicans are looking at a smaller package to cover immediate needs. they are waiting for more detailed evidence for damage on additional spending. new york city teachers' union are pledging a billion dollars to help repair roads and bridges and other damaged infrastructure. >> if you are an early riser to get the work out, it may be best in the afternoon. they thought they would see the best results from morning exercise, instead they found mice that ran later produced more proteins. previous studies have linked disruptions in our body clocks to increased risk of obesity, depression, memory loss, diabetes and even certain types of cancer. >> a new study shows the feelings you have when quitting junk food is similar to brag
5:56 am
drug habit. researchers say a high fat diet causes chemical changes in your brain and they could lead to stress and withdrawal symptoms. the chemicals are similar to those in human brains. the study is in the international journal of obesity. it might be hard to break at first but once you do it the horrible feelings will pass, right. >> that is what i hear. new laws around the corner for cab how they will protect passengers. >> and how stakes game of musical chairs. who is lining up for secretary of state after a major candidate drops out. >> and how a common household appliance is claiming the lives of children on an average once every three weeks.
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this morning, fremont fire investigators will try to find out why a company went up in flames. >> students head back to class with extra security in cupertino following a bomb threat yesterday. >> u.n. ambassador susan rice is scheduled to meet with president obama today. she surprised washington yesterday when she took herself out of the running for secretary of state and now new names are emerging. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's 6:00. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. is it cold out there. you thought it was cold yesterday. mike check out this. >> fog is thicker but clouds are starting to spread across our neighborhoods and holding our temperatures if not letting them rise a little bit. here is the reason why we have the cloud cover. got moisture in the air. i haven't heard a single report


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